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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The First Day Of The New School Year 2009-2010


  1. First day of New school year is a day of getting the students excited because they happen to be in a quite new atmosphere with new books, sylubes and teachers and many a new coligues. they are confronted to many new situations. But at the same time it just an usual, a routene and repeated experience for a teacher because he has nothing to do with the students and coursed.It is all a routene and monotonus day because they dont take the teaching as a creative work. They have no interest in making a live relations with theier students, they never bother whether the students sitting in the class room r a living being aspiring knowldege in quite living manner. most of the teachers develop a kind of machanism in being with the students.They just believe in delivering the lectures and hardly bother whether it is being communicated or not.
    They dont know that teaching is a continuous process which requires a complete cardial relation between students and teachers.
    Since u take the teaching job in its real sense and spirit, therefore u about all the things u have felt and narrated in your wrte-up. Because not only descharge your duty but try to make it a part of your life and abaove all, seek a kind of true meaning of your life, so u happen to start thinking that way and singing the song.
    I must say, with my personal experience, as we geather in our country, u r rarest amongs rares of the teachers. Using our Indian Traditional term, I must say that u r not only a teacher appointed by an institute against a certain amount of salary, but a GURU who dedicates his all the mind and spirit and heart to his disciple and feel a life long responsibility for his disciple even after he passes the school and inters into the real life.
    I must pay many many blessings for your best wishes to your students

  2. Thanks for your nice comments n wishes, Kapil. I am appreciate of your understanding and sharing feelings with me. Best wishes to you and your family.