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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blood Of Love

Waken up by a sound somewhere from the air
She happened to call that guy
Without remembering a thing and no feelings.
Her sound-itself woke the mind
And the eyes up at the same time
A long with the heart thrust with a sudden stinging.
Then completely did she realize
That the guy-a shooting pain in every night
Is that who makes her eyes a sea of tides
And in love did she find
It is tears that she calls "blood of love" in her life!


  1. Dear vuon.
    before putting any comment on your above heart burn poem, I can only say that A true lover should not run after the immediate and reactive feelings caused by some mishappend moments. It is not true that the things which were mine a minit ago, can go entirely changed in a moment. Some time misunderstanding and miconception gives chaotic results. in such a state of unbearable emotional break downs, there is no way that to check our emotions objectivelly and wait till the things are set to their normal place. After all love is not really for being ruined by an imaginary conclusion. A true lover knows how to bear the unbearables and how to believe in unbelievables. Love make us imaginative and capable of feeling the feelings of other one facing the same situation at his end.

  2. Hello Vuon:

    I can see the poem represents a lot of pain. I hope the pain was imaginary and you did not just have a painful breakup. I hope the rest of your life is full of fun and happiness. Love to see more happy poems next time.


  3. Thank you very much for your nice wish to me, dear. Love is a part of our lives and it conveys both happiness and pain! Without pain, how can we feel happiness? It is very kind of you to give me nice wishes. Best regards to you, Howard.