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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We can't delete things deep in our heart and mind!

After all, it is no use trying to forget things that made deep hole in ur heart n mind! Love is so uncanny! U get quarrel then love more. You swear to stop talking, then miss more. U swear to revenge urself on him/her then u find replacement But even when u get another one with u, the space in ur soul seems to get larger! Then the larger the space in ur soul, the more u love him/her! U both can't leave each other in spite of no contact! That is a pure love!
Rốt cuộc, có cố gắng để quên đi những điều đã hằn sâu trong tâm trí bạn thì cũng vô ích thôi! TY thật là kỳ lạ ! Bạn cãi nhau rồi lại yêu nhau hơn. Bạn thề là không thèm nói chuyện với người ta nữa nhưng lại nhớ người ta hơn. Bạn thề là sẽ trả thù người ta và bạn tìm người thay thế. Nhưng ngay cả khi bạn có người khác bên mình, khoảng trống trong tâm hồn bạn dường như lại càng lớn hơn! Khoảng trống càng lớn bạn càng yêu người ta! Và 2 người không thể xa nhau cho dù không hề gặp mặt! Đó chính là TY trong sáng đấy !

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  1. Dear Vuonle.
    Receive my lot of appreciations for the thoughtful words u have delivered to your listeners. It is 100% true that Love has always been uncanny. Since the inception of this world, every one is busy in understanding what the love really means and how does it works and why every human being wish to get into it.But its secrets are yet to be unveiled. I think, its being uncanny is the only power which makes it always crazy and alive.
    As regards your feelings about the love,u have just tried to explain the natural way it reaches to its peak as well as takes the deep root into the hearts of lovers. But despite having been agreed with each and every words of your thought, I would like to take liberty to add that if on the one hand defining how the love deepens, is easy, it is always dangerous to follow the given line of action for having a success in achieving love.The main draw back of love is that in most of the cases it fails before arriving at its desired end . It we come to inquire into the reason, we shall find that it is nothing but only sense of ego which hinders the journey of love. So, If one wishes to climb the height of love and taste its heavenly fruits, one must leave her/his ego and individualist character, get rid of all doubts and have a ferm belief in his/her lover.Leaving all kinds of doubts and disbelief is the pre requisite in going ahead towards the way of strengthening love. For this purpose, one has to check his /her own through applyig some test check. If,For example, we get into a quarell and get out of it with smiling faces, it means we have learnet tl live to-gather in such a unique type relationship where there is no place for ego and pride and envy. Instead of taking each one is apt for giving only. only the sense of sacrifice can help the both to come closure to each other by way of discarding their unnecessary egos and individualism.Love can not be there where there is ego and individualism. Truly speaking, love is precious for us only because it eliminates our proud and prestige and thus make us true human being always ready to make sacrifices without willing any return.There are a number of hurdles which a lover has to cross to come to close. The main hurdle in having our love in its ideal way is misunderstanding the tone and feelings hidden behind the words of our lover/friend.Misunderstanding happens only when the lovers are not ready to loose their positions and still have some reservations. The lack of belief in lovers feelings and sentiments make them conscious of her/his individualistic identity. But it is not easy to bring it into practice. just for instance if we are not ready to leave our taboos and stigmas but try to make a fun to get rid of all the distances and open ourselves before each other, there may happen some misconceptions.there may develop a new kind of quarrel arousing their egos and thus forfeiting the main spirit of the love. I m sure, u can understand better what i mean to say.
    Again have my congratulations for this articles with my sincere request that please keep posting such write-ups for us readers. I m always keen to go through your posts.
    kapildev. India