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Monday, December 7, 2009

Where - Đâu Rồi????

So many visitors
But no poetic reply.

It reminds me of the old legends in which
So many princesses holding poetical competitions
To find out the right men for their lives
And so many talented young arrived !

I find how difficult it is
To find literary friends for mine!

Bao nhiêu khách ghé thăm
Vẫn không lời thơ họa.

Chợt nhớ chuyện ngày xưa
Biết bao nàng công chúa
Mở thi hội kén chồng
Bao trai tài lấp ló!

Tìm bạn thơ thật khó
Người tri âm đâu rồi???

* Can you give me a reply to this, my friends?
Lê Thê - Trailing

Ngày dài lê thê

Buồn theo đường về
Niềm riêng đâu dễ
Tìm người sẻ chia!!!

As long as boring days
Depression attached.
No ease to find the one
Who can share the inmost feelings!!!


  1. dear le,
    to add your legendery tales, i promt to mention an other similar legend tale widely read and quoted in my country.
    there was a king named Janak. his daughter Sita was very beautiful. he managed to invite all the kings and youngs willing to marry with her daughter. the king or the person who will break the bow of lord shiva would be declared qualified to marry with the daughter.
    there gathered many kings of tough mussle powers claiming himself to be the most capable of breaking the bow and marrying Sita. All of the brave kings tried their best but none of them could even displace the bow, what to say of its lifting and breaking.
    when all the heavy weighted bravo kings failed and the dauter's father went hopeless, a handsome humble and tender young boy named Rama arosed from his seat, touched the feat of his revered teacher, went to the bow and very quiety broak the bow into two pieces
    This was the real man whome Sita, the king's daughter really loved.
    i mean to say that there is only one made for every one to love and to be loved. so, your literary feelings can be shared not by all visiting your site,but by few or may be only one.have patient and wait till he comes to your site
    many thanks for a good poetry

  2. "i mean to say that ther is only one made for everyone to love and to be loved. so, your literary feelings can be shared not by all visiting your sites, but by few or may be only one. have patient and wait until he comes to your site"
    Thanks for your sweet encouragement, Kapildew. And thank to your wish, he's come already.

  3. Hi.. I am Lam's friend at Hannam. Today we had dinner together and he shown me this blog.
    Think that most of the visitors read your poems and enjoyed silently. Sometimes your words might be encouraged their poetic mind too. So don't get disappoint for not having poetic comments:)