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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Chiếc lá cuối thu lặng lẽ rơi
Bên thềm ai đó giữa chơi vơi
Như làn môi ấm người mong đợi

Thoáng đến trong mơ, đêm đầy vơi.

Among the peaceful space
On the step, softly fell An Autumn leaf
As the warmth of your lips
Of which I caught sight
During the sleep
Which made my night off and on.


  1. Dear Vuon.
    In fact your every post has its unique peculiarity.But this one is the example of how beautifully and carefully u can watch the activities of nature as depicting the warmth of your feelings.comparing the silence of falling of a pretty small red leaf on ground with putting warmth of lips over the lips of his/her beloved one is a rare example of imagination. There have been many poems in our indigenous literature comparing human feelings and activities whith the nature, but such a beautiful sesemblance of nature with the love making of human beings has never gone through my eyes
    The resemblance of silence of falling leaf with the lips caught sight during sleep and making night off and on is really a great imagination. many many thanks for this beautiful post. kapil

  2. Chào chị VUONLE,
      Rất vui được làm quen với chị. Chúc đồng nghiệp mạnh khoẻ, thêm nhiều niềm vui trong công việc và cuộc sống.
      Nguyễn Duy Xuân