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Monday, August 3, 2009

To An American Friend

I accidentally know u by Tubely. I saw u added my ID as ur friend although we hadn’t met before. I visited ur profile n know that u r an american man. I have no time to come to Tubely, n I don’t like that site, either. After so long, today u added my ID in Yahoo!messenger. How surprised am i! And we spent nearly this morning talking. The talk seemed friendly until u asked me about the War when the USA Army was in Vietnam . I was honestly to tell u that I was luckily survived from the bombs that the American dropped in Vietnam, that I witnessed all the crime that the USA army brought to VN, and that General Macmanava has passed out taking together with him all terrible memory that he did in VN into hell just becoz u say u are 50 next year.- This means that u never came to VN in the war!

But when I saw u in cam, I think mayb u told me wrong age. I hurriedly tell u that; “But it is ok now, things have changed. We become friends. Vietnamese people are tolerant and generous!" And u signed out without a word! That makes me think much. In this short message, I want to tell u n all the American war veterans in Vietnam that you needn't feel any guilty when the war already becomes past. Instead of feeling guilty, you should do something to heal the pangs of the dioxin victims in Vietnam . We can b still friends, dear.

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